The pure Calendula Officinalis extract found in Florivera's products promotes a variety of skin care benefits, making it one of our key ingredients in our product range. 

The extract itself is is obtained by macerating dried calendula petals and extracting the potent oil, using sunflower oil as the base. The result breaks down into a composition of the following:

Essential Oil - Lutein - Oleic Acid [Omega 9] - Linoleic Acid [Omega 6] - Alpha Linoleic Acid [Omega 3] - Saturated Fat

 Explore the Benefits:

Calendula Essential Oil - Bursting with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, this is an ideal component in reducing redness and irritation while soothing compromised skin.

Lutein - A carotenoid with anti-inflammatory properties, defending against free radicals and combat signs of aging. 

Oleic Acid [Omega 9] - A stable fatty acid, it has the unique ability to preserve the effectiveness of delicate ingredients while enhancing penetration of other ingredients naturally present in the product.

Linoleic Acid [Omega 6] - A naturally unsaturated fatty acid contributes to a more emollient, rich product. Research shows it to be an effective skin soothing agent and high in antioxidants.

Alpha Linoleic Acid [Omega 3] - When applied topically to the skin, alpha linoleic acid can integrate and improve the skin barrier, which contributes to overall improved skin appearance.

Products with Calendula:

Calendula Flower Extract

Wild White Rose Toner

Calendula Soothing Balm

Calendula Baby Balm

Moisture Repair Cream

Nutrient Rich Body Oil

Tired Foot & Leg Relief