our ingredients are

sustainably sourced

We work closely with small family-run farms in different communities of Colombia. These families use biodynamic gardening, meaning that they use other plants to protect their crops rather than using pesticides. Our products are filled entirely with nature's extracts, and are design to nourish, heal and hydrate the skin while providing exceptional results.

our ingredients are

professional strength

With 30 years experience, we have sourced the highest quality, premium formulations and active ingredients.

Founder Mabel is very particular with what she puts on her skin. Mabel and our chemists work closely together to ensure our products are completely effective but gentle and safe for sensitive skin types. 



From our farms in Colombia to our chemists and offices in Toronto, we take pride in our family-run businesses. We know exactly who is a part of the Florivera process from start to finish. We're honoured to work with other families who's craftsmanship and quality have been passed through generations.