Oily areas of the skin stay naturally moisturized and protected by producing oil called 'sebum'. If your sebaceous glands are overactive, you may experience excess shine and breakouts. This condition means the skin needs to be "retrained" to calm oil production, in order to minimize outbreaks of acne, reduce T-zone oiliness and reduce pore size.

Often times, products that aim to control concerns of oiliness dry out the skin, actually strip skin of its natural oils. While this may temporarily give the impression of oil control, oily areas are actually triggered to over-produce sebum in order to make up for the oil it’s being stripped of.

In order to guide skin to a balanced state, Florivera’s range of products for oily and combination skin avoid ingredients that dry out skin. Our normalizing ingredients work to manage sebum levels activating skin’s own mechanisms to create a fine-pored complexion with an even, matte finish.