Sensitivity can be inherited or acquired. Triggers that cause skin to react with redness, itching, and burning include allergens, preservatives, or fragrances found in chemical-laden skin care products. Sensitive skin exhibits inflammatory responses to modern environmental aggressors that weaken the natural lipid protection barrier, so that it can no longer fight off damaging influences.

This out-of-balance condition often accelerates the skin's aging process; skin looks blotchy and flaky, and has a tendency towards increased lines and wrinkles. Sensitive, reactive skin requires calming, stabilizing care.

Florivera’s range of products are perfect for sensitive skin since our natural active ingredients calm and sooth redness and irritation, stabilizing the skin’s barrier function and activating its own mechanisms for increasing resistance.

Not only are our products formulated with soothing actives that calm, rather than trigger, sensitivity, but our essential oils contain pure and natural antioxidants that protect skin from environmental aggressors that damage skin health. Skin becomes calm and more resilient.