Dry skin is in a state of oil imbalance that often looks dull, lack-luster, flaky, and feels unpleasantly tight, particularly after cleansing. Dry skin is also associated with scaling, itching, and flaking. Cold weather and harsh environmental conditions can exacerbate symptoms.This dryness can cause wrinkles and fine lines, frequently under the eyes and on the cheeks.

Dry skin sufferers often apply heavy moisturizers to the skin several times a day, which temporarily treats the skin, but further decrease oil and water production to the point at which your skin must rely on products for moisture and comfort.

Florivera products offer a range of natural products with skincare agents containing optimal doses of lipids in order to stimulate the skin’s own mechanisms for producing moisture. Our infusion of pure essential oils and extracts in our oils and moisturizers leave skin hydrated, radiant and glowing all day, without the need to reapply; for a more balanced, healthy skin.