Wild Harvest Cacay (Caryodendron Orinocense)

Botanical Name: Caryodendron Orinocense


Extraction Method: Cold Pressed

Processing Type: Unrefined

Obtained From: Wild Cacay Tree

Florivera's Organic Cacay Comes from : Colombian Amazon


Florivera's Cacay Oil comes from wild harvest Cacay trees in the Colombian Amazon. Cacay trees grow wild along the eastern base of the Andes mountains in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru. These majestic trees can reach over 40 meters in height and generate very positive environmental impacts. It captures large amounts of CO2, enhances soil, and helps in watershed renewal. 
The Cacay Tree produces a highly nutritious nut (seed) from which the oil is extracted. Cacay oil contains antioxidants Vitamin A and E, making it a great natural protector for your skin. It contains 50% more Vitamin E and twice the amount of Linoleic Acid than Argan Oil. Linoleic Acid is an essential omega-6 fatty acid which is necessary to consume for proper health. Linoleic acid contains anti-inflammatory, acne reductive, and moisture retentive properties when applied topically on the skin.

Compared to all other oils, Cacay has the highest amount of natural Retinol; a component that reduces wrinkles, helps boost collagen production and even regenerates the skin. In fact, it has three times more natural Retinol than Rosehip Oil in a more stable and non-irritating molecule. 

Cacay Oil is extremely rare and therefore very precious. It is an extremely rich, high quality oil that is actually valued as a nutritious supplement because it contains a high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids, making it an excellent source for Omega 3, 6 and 9. It contains no cholesterol, no additives and no preservatives, making it one of our favourite ingredients.

The production of Cacay currently relies upon wild harvest, which generates incomes to over 200 families.

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