Essential Oils Vs. Artificial Fragrances

Essential Oils are concentrated oils that have been extracted from plants, flowers, fruits, sap, seeds or the skin of the plant. Some are even extracted from trees, bark, roots and leaves. Essential Oils have incredible properties. They have been known to relieve symptoms such as pain, fatigue, inflammation and to kill germs. They are also able to positively affect physical, emotional and mental health. 

There are several methods that are used to extract essential oils. They can be extracted using Distillation, Expression, Solvent Extraction or Enfleurage, however enfleurage is rarely performed today.

When extracting the oils, some companies use chemical solvents and are still able to label their oil as ‘natural’ or ‘pure'. They could be combining their essential oils with other chemically produced scents so it’s important to always look for 100% pure essential oils to ensure they do not have any chemicals and you’re getting the essential oil in a more natural state. 


Enfleurage is the best way for an essential oil to be extracted. It is one of the oldest methods of extracting essential oils and is now considered an ancient art that is passed down from generation to generation, rarely used because of its high cost. It involves placing the flower petals on a layer of glass with a thin layer of fat (chassis). The oil is diffused into the fat, then collected and extracted using a natural alcohol. Once the alcohol evaporates, what is left behind is the 100% pure and absolute essential oil. Enfleurage is the only way to extract delicate flowers like Jasmine, Tuberose and Gardenia


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